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The conference is held By the working group «Sea Coasts» of the RAS Council on the problems of the world ocean with the involvement of domestic and foreign partners.

The working group «Sea Coasts» of the Council on the problems of the world ocean of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) exists as a public organization established at the RAS to unite and coordinate the forces of coastal researchers of Russia. The organization was founded in 1952 and for half a century of activity highly raised the prestige of domestic scientists and practitioners in the world. One of the activities under the auspices of the Working group is the holding of regular all – Union, and since 1976-international conferences. For more than six decades, 25 conferences were organized, which showed high professionalism of coastal studies in the USSR and Russia.

The main fundamental topics discussed at the conference include: 

  • Dynamics of coastal systems;
  • Coastal abrasion and dynamic processes in the coastal zone; 
  • GIS and marine spatial planning; 
  • Climate change and adaptation of coastal systems to climate change; 
  • Operation of hydraulic structures and principles of dredging in coastal areas; 
  • Study and monitoring of coastal and marine ecosystems;
  • Interaction of the sea and coastal zone, and their impact on ecosystems; 
  • Environmental sensitivity of the coastal zone to anthropogenic pressures and natural disasters;
  • Sustainable use and development of coastal resources: good governance and approaches.

A wide range of issues involves the involvement of a large number of the world's leading experts in the study of the oceans and its coastal zone.
The conference organizes specialized round tables and seminars aimed at maintaining and developing old and establishing new scientific contacts and connections between specialists of coastal countries of the world.

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